What do I do with Steam trading cards?

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What do I do with Steam trading cards?

Notapor ZhangHuahua » Lun Abr 26, 2021 9:38 am

Steam Trading Cards are virtual cards, earned by buying and playing games on Steam, that can be crafted into badges that grant rewards.Most games support trading cards.

A button for synthesizing badges will appear when you collect all the cards in a game. Click to synthesize a badge once, and you will get 100 points to upgrade your account. Also, you can buy Cheap Steam Level Up to upgrade your account quickly.

A game can get a few cards for free, and the condition for getting it for free is that you can download the game and play for one or two hours and you can get the cards for free.

The remaining unobtained cards can be obtained by pulling down on the game card page, or they can be given to a friend who already has this card. If you want to save time and upgrade quickly, you can Cheap Buy Steam Level Up to help you.
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