What are some useful tips and tricks for Pokémon?

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What are some useful tips and tricks for Pokémon?

Notapor Tonyfirst » Jue Feb 25, 2021 10:11 am

Go where lures are and also be there - You can easily spot lures in the spotlight because purple "flowers" are going to be falling about the Pokestop. These lures are positioned by other players and so are usually placed around high-traffic areas or parks. Just sit with the lure and catch a regular flow of Shiny 6IV Pokemon. The more lures you may be around, the better! Lures could be earned via level-ups or purchased via coins within the store. If you plan on utilizing your own lures, select a group of friends so you're able to share inside the benefit!

Pidgey Farm - Once you obtain a large number of Pidgeys and Pidgey candies, Buy Shiny Pokemon and after that evolve them all into Pidgeottos. With a Lucky Egg, this will bring you a whopping 1000 XP each. Pidgeys are especially appropriate for this plan since they're extremely common and also have a very low threshold for evolving, thus, making this a very efficient and secret to get XP.

Don't throw curveballs - While throwing curveballs gets you an extra 10 XP per catch, I don't actually recommend this given it makes aiming a great deal harder and wastes Pokeballs. Go for the throw bonuses instead.
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