Pretty certain the buy Mut 21 coins

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Pretty certain the buy Mut 21 coins

Notapor bestrsgoldfast » Lun Ene 18, 2021 10:02 am

I would also like to know. It would also be nice if I could get a PS overlay for switches as it doesn't seem to notice what controller I'm using.

Same, I use a PS4 controller it does not really bother me because of Madden 21 coins muscle memory but on the occasion I pick the wrong play or play with someone on the same screen it's pretty annoying. There's at least once a game where I panic as I'm evading pressure and that I hit"X" in my PS controller but that is actually"A" in their design.

I'm old too, so that's probably part of it.I believed all of this was for the next update? Trade logic updates and league history is all they are doing for the next upgrade?! That is a joke and weak. Seems like they've a solo part-time intern dedicated to those updates only... I played a franchise in which the cards picked up Baker Mayfield and started over Kyler Murray both sitting at 86's. Sorry if this has been asked, but does anybody know how this affects cloud leagues? I am in 3 connected ones and all of them vanished. Do we have to restart our connected ones?

Lmfaooo this is dreadful. What's this even big news. They want competition. They are gonna keep milking these bs changes until they get some real comp.

Unless they will add players being blatantly frozen for PEDs, domestic violence, or smoking marijuana then the game still needs work. Make players become suspended in franchise style for that kind of stuff or fined for roughing the passer.

Pretty certain the buy Mut 21 coins is the one keeping them from having things like that in the match. They made EA take out concussions and career ending injuries a couple of decades back, that they def won't let em have drug/domestic abuse.
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